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I know that the typical Union Financial Officer's responsibilities are among the most stressful and time-consuming in the union. I like to call the Financial Secretary's duties as the Thank-Less job. If you're a labor union financial officer, then you know what I mean. I know from more than 15 years of assisting labor union financial officers with union finance issues.

You're strapped down with the tasks of getting your members their lost time checks, reconciling the monthly bank statements, filing timely tax reports, preparing monthly financial reports for your membership meetings, answering questions from the trustees, completing the annual government reporting requirements and satisfying your International's financial requests. It is a never-ending workload.

Can Software Help You Ease The Stress?

The truth is that not all Financial Software is created the same. Labor union organizations need financial software that's geared to their special needs and requirements. Software that comes with built-in features that only labor organizations require. Software that can will free you, the financial officer, of your precious time and state of mind. After all, financial officers have a life too!

Is Your Current Financial Software Doing Enough For You?

Financial software that's not specially designed for Labor Unions can create instead of decrease your financial workload. Decreasing your workload requires that your financial software includes built-in reports, forms, budgets that's needed monthly, quarterly and annually. Otherwise, you're just cutting into more of your personal time.

We've had the last 15 years to make your job easier.

Wouldn't it make sense to let other union financial officers dictate how to create an effective financial software tool? You bet it is. And that is exactly how the Winfin2005 Union Finance system has evolved over the last 15 years. People like you have requested improvements and we implemented their requests. Yes, a Union Financial software product designed by union financial officers. And here were a few of their concerns.

  • Software that is easy to use and designed for the non-computer type.
  • Includes one click creation of monthly, quarterly and annual reports, forms and governmental reporting documents.
  • Easy learning curve, step-by-step online help and quick access to technical telephone support.
  • No hassle updates for changes in tax laws and government reporting requirements.
  • Availability to hands-on training for new officer as well as update training for existing officers.
  • Custom software enhancements available upon request

Here's A Real Customer Request.
Hope this helps to put things together. I use this report for my quarterly by taking the information off what's generated from the system. The annual report is in the same format. In the next e-mail I'll send you a copy of that if you would like to see it, too. (Where did I put that one?) Let me know. Are you going fishing while you're on vacation?

All the fish around here left, to dang HOT for fish and man alike. (The power company really like's it though)

In other words, a union financial software solution designed to convert a time consuming task into an easy to use financial tool. Compare these features to your present union financial software.

  • Only two input procedures to process your checks (payroll/lost time and pay your bills) and one input procedure to record your bank deposits. Everything else is a one-button print.
  • On-demand payroll register automatically calculates your federal tax deposits.
  • Check writing to laser checks with payroll pay stubs that include year-to-date payroll info.
  • On-button printing of monthly union designed financial report, treasurer's report, cash recon report and plenty of detailed backup information to help you answer any questions regarding your financial data.
  • Quick and easy bank reconciliation procedure allows you to balance your books and printout an outstanding check list monthly.
  • Quarterly pre-filled 941-form printout that eliminates the need to manually calculate this critical information.
  • Quarterly worksheet that automatically calculates your form 940 and state unemployment tax obligations.
  • Quarterly Trustee audit report with detailed backup listing designed to assist your trustees with completing their audit quickly and hassle free.
  • Built-in 401k monthly deductions report designed to send to your fund provider.
  • Automatic generation and printing of your members W2's and 1099's.
  • Plus an easy to follow six-step procedure that will automatically generate your annual LM and 990 reporting requirements.
  • The LM module was just updated to comply with the new 2005 Labor Department requirement for LM2 filers .

Generate your annual LM and 990 info in hours instead of days.

If you're like most financial officers at year-end, you are probably spending days trying to put together the information required to complete the Labor Department's LM forms and IRS 990 form. Or maybe you're paying someone else hundreds of dollars to do it for you. These forms are enough to drive any sane person to the edge of insanity. Well, those days are over for good. Can you even imagine completing these forms in a matter of hours? This sounds impossible doesn't it?

It's really quite simple since all of the information that's required for the LM and 990 forms are already recorded in your computerized financial records. Our new LM/990 E-Z Data Generator add-on module is designed to automatically pull the required info from your financial records and print the information to the appropriate forms and schedules. This module alone will save you time, money and mental stress to say the least. Accounting firms charge from $500 to $2000 to complete these forms. You can automatically generate this information within a few hours balanced and classified correctly. Can your present financial software do that for you?

Isn't It Time For You To Get The Complete Union Finance Package?

We've been talking to labor union officers just like you for the last 15 years. Believe me, I know exactly what you are up against. Why should you waste your precious time with a financial software package that really was not designed for labor unions in the first place?

  • Eliminate the need to worry about training new financial officers on how to operate your financial software - We will do it for you .
  • Never waste time manually calculating or using other software products to generate the financial information that you need - It's all included in one package .
  • Forget about having to keep up with the current tax law changes and government reporting requirements - We will do that for you .
  • Never feel alone. Get the answers to your questions with just a phone call to our customer support.

Here's another comment from one of our customers.
Thanks again Chuck that seems to fix the problem. Excellent Support Program. All problems fixed in a very short and easy way. Everything else seems to be running fine. Once again Thanks.

Leo Reynolds Jr.
USWA Local 5429

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  • 500 mhz processor or higher
  • 16 Meg RAM
  • Win 95,98, XP, 2000  

  • Pentium/500 mhz or higher
  • 32 Meg RAM
  • Win 95, 98, XP, 2000